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RV Inspections

For buyers, sellers, or current owners. A 3rd party analysis can help you make more informed decisions. 

Fluids Analysis

"Bloodwork" for your RV. Part of your inspection or as a routine maintenance program. 

Education & Other Services

Need help driving, backing, and parking? Did the dealership leave you hanging on how to use your rig? Did you know...


What is an RV Inspection?

Like a house inspection but for your home on wheels. NRVIA certified inspectors are trained with the highest industry standards and code of ethics to be an objective 3rd party.


Who else makes it their primary job to help you avoid buying a lemon, an unsafe vehicle, or someone else's money pit? 

As an NRVIA certified inspector, I can check everything from:

  • possible water damage (ex: roof, sidewalls, ceilings, floors)

  • test appliances and other moving components (ex: AC, refrigerators, slideouts, jacks)

  • flag possible life safety issues like fire hazards or potential for electrical shock

  • tire age, wear, weight requirements

  • check electrical, gas, and water systems

  • draw fluid samples and send to lab for expert analysis  


I will dedicate hours on your behalf fully focused on evaluating your RV of interest and documenting findings using photos and video in an organized interactive online report (if you choose this option). 

Why get an RV Inspection? (NEW or used)

Perspective: An RV is an expensive prefabricated house located on an active fault line. 


Can you trust the dealer or seller to be transparent? Who will help you avoid buying a lemon or someone else's money trap?


People who sell them to you are most often prioritizing the sale. There are enough horror stories out there for you to get this far. BUT did you know, even the most well-intentioned seller can be shockingly unaware of critical issues left unattended over the years? An unserviced generator, a damaged propane tank, age of tires that look great but need replacing, expired fire and carbon monoxide detectors, and so on.

Such a large purchase can be the most exciting and terrifying experience if you don't know what we are walking into. A certified NRVIA inspection can:

  • help give you piece of mind

  • more clarity about your choice

  • help keep you and your loved ones safer as you launch your new adventure.


NRVIA Certified RV Inspectors are trained with the highest industry standards and code of ethics to be the objective party.

When should I get an inspection?

Buying NEW - Believe it or not, even new RVs frequently have issues. Before you complete that sale, let me help you avoid major surprises that might spoil your vacation or force a trip back to the service shop. 


Buying Used - Let's work to avoid buying that lemon or a dangerous situation waiting to happen. Use your report to put together a punch-list for repairs or points of negotiation. 


  • Help increase interest from qualified buyers

  • Help increase buyer trust by offering transparency

  • Identify issues that might impact price or that you'd like to repair before sale


Current Owners 

  • Identify, organize, and document issues that may be covered by warranty before it expires

  • Maximize repairs list before taking it in for service

  • Review/verify post-repairs

  • Preparation for travel season

  • Better understanding of the current state of your RV

RV Inspections


What is fluid analysis?

RandG Lab Analysis Scale pic.JPG

The process of pulling sample fluids from engines, generators, certain on-demand water heating systems, and sending them to an accredited laboratory for expert analysis. ​​

You'll receive an easy-to-read report based on categories ranging from normal to severe. The lab checks for appropriate viscosity, contaminants, metal levels, and more. Compare that to non-certified inspectors who only pull dipsticks and check levels. 


For Florida clients, we personally deliver your samples to the lab and spare you the extra shipping costs. Depending on your timeline and budget, we can rush results as quickly as the next business day. Standard reports typically return within around five business days or less. 

Why do I need fluid analysis?

Think of it as the blood work for an RV. A dipstick check alone will not tell you what could be going wrong inside an engine. Engine problems may result in great expense, loss of time, spoiled vacations, or worse.


What if the engine is wearing down internally? High levels of metal can indicate problems occurring within an engine. 

Did someone put in the wrong fluid? Mistakes happen all the time! Don't pay for someone else's error.

Which fluids should be analyzed & when?

When buying a used RV - Major expenses- tens of thousands of dollars- could lurk below the surface and away from what the eye can see. If you're buying a used motorhome or even a travel trailer or fifth wheel that has an onboard generator, consider including a fluid analysis as part of your inspection. (See the example below for a generator replacement!)

Routine maintenance - You work hard to protect your rig and keep it in great shape. Don't forget the engines! Each year, or before you change out your fluids, consider making lab analysis as part of your routine. Use the paper trail to position your rig for qualified buyers when you're ready to sell!

Common Fluids to Analyze:

  • Chassis engine fluids: oil, transmission fluid, coolant

  • Generator fluids: oil, coolant (7.5kw+)

  • Hydronic heating systems (Aqua-Hot/Oasis)

Generator expense.PNG
Not including labor costs!
Fluids Analysis


Together, with My RV School, we also offer wide-ranging additional services from:​

  • RV Driver Training - HANDS-ON, at your place, in your own rig, with your co-pilot at no extra charge. Highways, neighborhoods, parking, backing-Our methods simplify the driving process and greatly increase your confidence in hours not days. And, we're pretty sure you'll have lots of fun along the way! Watch this great video example by internet influencers Miles and Smiles.

  • Consulting 

  • Customized Walk-Throughs - Think an extensive RV 101 of systems and operations in your RV. Did the dealer or seller leave you hanging after purchase? Feeling a little, or a lot, overwhelmed? 

  • RV-Specific, Non-Toxic, Fire Suppression Systems - 20,000 RV fires per year (source: National Park Service). Don't be one of them!

  • Tire-by-Tire Weighing - Before you spend thousands on steering/driving/balancing upgrades, be sure you know your proper RV weight per tire. WHY? Learn more from the Gadget Guru's interview with My RV School 

    • Note: Prices discussed in video may have changed.

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