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Official inspection partner for

The ONE call you need to make!

Confidence RV is the NRVIA certified RV inspections partner of My RV School. Together we offer many "come-to-you" services:

  • RV Inspections - new or used - Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers

  • RV Driver Training - Your place, your rig with your co-pilot!

  • RV Bootcamp & Customized Walk-Throughs

  • RV Specific Fire Suppression Systems

  • Tire-by-Tire Weighing

  • Consulting and More!


Whether you're an RV newbie or a seasoned camper, if you ever wish you could just pick up the phone and call someone for help, you're in the right place!


What is an RV Inspection?

Like a house inspection but for your home on wheels. NRVIA certified inspectors are trained with the highest industry standards and code of ethics to be an objective 3rd party.


Who else makes it their primary job to help you avoid buying a lemon, an unsafe vehicle, or someone else's money pit? 

As an NRVIA certified inspector, I can check everything from:

  • possible water damage (ex: roof, sidewalls, ceilings, floors)

  • test appliances and other moving components (ex: AC, refrigerators, slideouts, jacks)

  • flag possible life safety issues like fire hazards or potential for electrical shock

  • tire age, wear, weight requirements

  • check electrical, gas, and water systems

  • draw fluid samples and send to a qualified laboratory for expert analysis  


I will dedicate hours on your behalf fully focused on evaluating your RV of interest and documenting findings using photos and video in an organized interactive online report (if you choose this option). 

Why get an RV Inspection?
(NEW or Used)

Perspective: An RV is an expensive prefabricated house on an active fault line. 


Can you trust the dealer or seller to be transparent? Who will help you avoid buying a lemon or someone else's money trap?


People who sell them to you are most often prioritizing the sale. There are enough horror stories out there for you to get this far. BUT did you know, even the most well-intentioned seller can be shockingly unaware of critical issues left unattended over the years? An unserviced generator, a damaged propane tank, age of tires that look great but need replacing, expired fire and carbon monoxide detectors, and so on.

Such a large purchase can be the most exciting and terrifying experience if you don't know what you're walking into. A certified NRVIA inspection can:

  • help give you piece of mind

  • more clarity about your choice

  • help keep you and your loved ones safer as you launch your new adventure.


NRVIA Certified RV Inspectors are trained with the highest industry standards and code of ethics to be the objective party you need.

When should I get an inspection?

  • Buying NEW - Believe it or not, even new RVs frequently have issues. Before you complete that sale, let me help you avoid major surprises that might spoil your vacation or force a trip back to the service shop. 

  • Buying Used - Let's work to avoid buying that lemon or a dangerous situation waiting to happen. 

  • Sellers 

    • Help increase interest from qualified buyers

    • Help increase buyer trust by offering transparency

    • Identify issues that might impact price or that you'd like to repair before sale

  • Current Owners 

    • Identify, organize, and document issues that may be covered by warranty before it expires

    • Maximize repairs list before taking it in for service

    • Review/verify post-repairs

    • Preparation for travel season

    • Better understanding of the current state of your RV


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