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Confidence RV is the certified RV inspections partner for My RV School. Together we also offer wide ranging services from "come to you" RV driver training (your place, your rig with your co-pilot!), consulting, customized walk-throughs, RV specific fire suppression systems, tire-by-tire weighing and more.  If you're just starting this journey or a seasoned camper just needing a one-stop place to call with a question, you're in the right place!


  • NRVIA Certified Inspector

  • Registered RV Technician

  • My RV School Driving Instructor

  • Insured


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Lydia Dubuisson | Confidence RV Founder & NRVIA Certified Inspector

"Above all, I'm here to help."

As an RV enthusiast, I'm passionate about helping others gain access to the lifelong memories and independence RV life can provide. I'm able to uniquely blend my personal RV knowledge and training with skills from years of varied work experiences.

My background in research and analysis means attention to detail when inspecting your RV. Corporate experience means your report will be well-written, grammatically correct, organized, and easy to follow. As a former teacher and coach, you'll find I break things down in ways that are easy to understand.

The day I bought my rig! 2017 Thor Outlaw 29H

Fight'n Texas Aggie Class of ''96


These skills also allow me to be extremely versatile in the services I can provide beyond inspections. Custom walk-throughs? Driver training? General consulting? Let's chat! Above all, I'm here to help.

NRVIA Certificate

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Our Grand Family Adventure!

It was in May of 1980. My parents packed 4 little kids (ages 2-9) into a truck camper atop a 1977 Dodge Ram pickup with a CB whip antenna. From South Texas, we were Washington state bound to visit friends. We made some amazing stops along the way; Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and the Petrified Forest among them.

At one stop we caught a rather fat  horned toad. Turns out  SHE was pregnant and they have live young. Fun fact; a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket works pretty well as a temporary lizard cage in a pinch.


At another stop, we kids caught what seemed like hundreds of the biggest grasshoppers I had ever seen in my young little life! Defying our parents' orders to let them go, we secretly stashed our six-legged friends in a jar and found a space under the truck's engine —which sure did seem like a good idea at the time. Well, a few miles down the road, we began to experience a steady and increasing number of large bugs splatting on the windshield—seemingly from out of nowhere! But if you looked closely, those "bugs" were miiighty familiar! Pretty sure my mom only got the real story just this year when all of us kids were safely outside of the statute of limitations for spankings. 

After engine issues, birthing lizards, exploding grasshoppers, and who knows what else, we made Washington state by May 18, 1980.


For you history buffs, that day should sound familiar. It was the eruption of Mount St. Helens. We were at safe distance but I've never forgotten the billowing dark skies and human-sized mounds of ash at every campground. We collected it in jars and had hours of fun sifting the gray powder searching for gold rumored to be hidden among the volcanic debris. In hindsight, maybe that was a story my folks embellished to keep us kids entertained in the days before internet. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.

So much about that trip was unforgettable. You can imagine our family forever treasures the memories. We still relive the stories only now with our next generation of campers.


And THAT, my dear reader, is what this is all about!

At the Grand Canyon with my sisters . That's 5 -year-old me on the right!

Click PLAY to see more of my family's grand adventure!
Actual film footage collected with my dad's 1970's home video camera

Camping Story Anchor
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